About Us

ARTIC CONTAINERS  has been providing reliable portable Refrigerated,
Dry and Hazmat storage for over 15 years.

We have extensive experience working with the U.S Navy and U.S. Marine Corps as well as a wide range of other Customers.

Other Customers include: Restaurants, Pharmaceutical,  Biotech, Colleges, Universities, Florists, Supermarkets, and all branches of the DOD

We take great pride in making our customers our #1 priority. Because our staff has been thoroughly trained with the upmost concern in operator safety as well as unbeatable customer service, our team can ensure an efficient, safe and reliable delivery or pick-up every time. We specialize in emergency situations and with our 24-hour technical support, we strive for round the clock satisfaction.

Thank you for choosing ARTIC CONTAINERS.

We look forward to satisfying your Refrigerated, Dry and Hazmat storage needs.